Jocelyn Girouard

 Lead Planner & Designer

There's something about planning an event that makes my heart flutter. Not sure if it's all the list making, color coding, inspiration finding, day dreaming, flower shopping or the hustle & bustle of the big day...well let's be honest, it's all of the above! All my loves & talents are the perfect recipe for planning & executing an exquisite event.

I was unknowingly guided into this world starting at the age of 17 in the year '03 {see what I did there?} I planned our student body activities in high school & college, landed a job at a high end catering company where I spent 6 years, got encouraged to apply for a floral design job straight out of college and then scored a job at a Hilton property as the catering & wedding coordinator. Each one of these steps have influenced how I uniquely approach the art of planning & design. There's a greater understanding of how crucial timing is for the catering kitchen, what type of services venues really offer, when liability insurance is a necessity and how to design for a mood, not just a color palette. 

Day dreaming is one of my favorite past times, I would love to hear what you're dreaming up for your celebration!